Charley Beck and Jeff Packard

Charley Beck and Business Manager Jeff Packard at the 2014 SCAA Exposition

Rainier Cherry Chocolate Crumble debuts at SCAA with a build-your-own approach

The Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Annual Exposition is a great opportunity for people in the coffee world to connect, reconnect and learn what’s new in the world of coffee and tea. Beck Flavors was well-represented, with many of our flavorists, business development specialists and our founder, Charley Beck, on hand to discuss coffee and tea flavors with the international industry community.

This year, Beck Flavors let the coffee community play flavorist with a unique approach. We allowed anyone to create their own Rainier Cherry Chocolate Crumble flavor, tuned perfectly to their tastes. It was a huge success as roasters, cafe managers, equipment folks and coffee growers tried their hand at making a unique flavor profile of their own.

Highlight from SCAA Seattle 2014